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A leadership and skills seminar series for project managers working at the frontier of technology and engineering 


Caltech’s Center for Technology and Management Education (CTME) hosts ELEVATED: Advancing the Art & Science of the Project Management Professional, a virtual event and content series that aims to engage curious project managers and leaders who are operating at the frontiers of technology and engineering. ELEVATED explores the elements of execution and helps build the skills and capabilities for a resilient career. Catch our inaugural session on YouTube (below). Follow us for more.


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ELEVATED: 03 / Three Mental Models for Productive Interactions & Influence

In ELEVATED Session 03, we will show you which thoughtful, logical steps to take to anticipate reactions even before the stakeholders can lock into firm disagreement positions. You will learn how three mental models help frame desired future actions in ways that disrupt natural human tendencies to disagree.  Alan G. Dunn tales us through a practical, integrated framework that provides you an essential means for framing interests and shaping your communications-leadership skills.

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ELEVATED: 02 / Unlocking Five Performance Outcomes Through Agility

In this session of ELEVATED, we spoke with Nate Crews, senior facilitator and certified instructor for Caltech CTME. Nate is a PMI-approved trainer for the PMP Exam Prep and Disciplined Agile.  We explored five performance outcomes to unlock through agility and how this is relevant for project professionals in general and those in technology-dominated enterprises, such as aerospace, life sciences, and energy.

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ELEVATED: 01 / Advancing the Art & Science of the Project Professional

In our inaugural Session 01, we shared our perspectives on project professionals' evolving roles and what that means for PMPs like you and your career. The session kicked off an ongoing dialog of practices and inspirations for making inclusive project teams—not just project managers—ready for the next generation of challenges. Our collective future requires us to rethink development, relationships, and outcomes. At Caltech, we're laying the groundwork for the future of project management.

Caltech Directors Dr. Rick Hefner and Mike Ash were joined by Caltech alumnus Tim Boyd, Instructor for Project Management and Leadership. Tim presented his ideas on the True Value of a Failure Resume.