Caltech has developed two new tours to help people on and off-campus get to know the lay of the land and learn about different aspects of the community. As a CTME participant, you can experience these to learn a little more about the Institute.

For those who are physically on campus, a new walking tour brochure offers an introduction to the buildings and other spaces that make up the Institute. On this 60-minute self-guided walking tour, visitors (and readers online) can learn more about Caltech’s history, study examples of noteworthy campus architecture, get a glimpse of student life, and explore some of the groundbreaking investigations being conducted here.

In addition, a new online interactive tour allows those off-campus to make a virtual visit to Caltech and learn about some of the places that are integral to the community, such as the Athenaeum, the Beckman Institute and Gene Pool, and the Turtle Pond, through a sequence of 13 captioned 360-degree photographs.

Thank you to Caltech SCG for making these resources available.