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Caltech Future Skills Academy


Become the 21st Century Professional with a perfect blend of Strategy & Technology Capabilities to shape the future of your world. This is a future-centric Academy curated by prolific Course Leaders from Caltech Executive and Professional Education.

At Caltech, we have a ring side view of the future. We are a top tech school teaching technology and leadership with a rich history in innovation and science. We are home to 45 Nobel Laureates.

The Caltech Future Skills Academy™ is offered by companies to their employees to help them acquire, build and benefit from future-centric knowledge and skills. The Caltech Future Skills Academy™ offers 10 courses each in Technology and Strategy Paths.

Typically, an employee would need to complete a minimum number of courses in each path to get the coveted Caltech Future Skills Academy™ Certificate. We invite you and your company to become part of our curiosity ethos and be always future-fit. Welcome to The Caltech Future Skills Academy™.

Reach out to us to discuss how we can offer this to employees in your company, write in to execed@caltech.edu

Course Structure

We have made each course to be natural to the self-paced learner. Each of the courses are structured as follows:

  • A total of 9 Chapters
  • Each chapter is of 15 to 20 minutes (Course Leader led video content)
  • Each chapter has a two multiple choice reinforcement questions
  • Each chapter as a five-to-eight-minute post-read
  • End of the course assessment quiz with ten multiple choice questions

Quarterly K-Space: Live Sessions

All Caltech Future Skills AcademyTM Participants get invited to join Quarterly Live Sessions, by our course leaders called ‘Knowledge Space’. These sessions focus on a key development, or a case study related to their course. This helps learners gain a deeper, examples driven understanding of the course they are in or plan to enroll into.

The participants can subscribe to these events in an easy ‘one-click’ add to their calendar. They will get notified in their calendars as the topics and speakers get added.

Our Global Partnership with SHRM

In partnership with Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), we bring this academy to HR Professionals who are SHRM Members. You can find out more by clicking on this link: https://pages.shrm.org/caltech

The Caltech Future Skills AcademyTM Map

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Course Introductions From Our Experts

Technology Path

Strategy Path

Strategy Path