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Client Stories from Caltech's Custom Programs

Custom Programs - Client Stories

Leaders from the most respected science and technology organizations trust Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education to develop critical talent, build next-generation leadership capacity, and help their teams be better innovators.

Based in a world-renowned hub for investigation and education, we have a unique role to play in applying the mindset of scientists and engineers to today’s business challenges. We fuse technical expertise with practical industry know-how to create extraordinary learning experiences. Learn more about how we develop custom executive programs that drive real impact.

Case studies and stories:


Halliburton used a novel global leadership development program to develop competitive strengths and increase value to its customers. We partnered with Halliburton to energize business innovation and resiliency through a custom learning experience for senior and mid-level management. Read more about how our Lead Facilitators, Mary Abbazia and Tom Spitale, deliver a program that drives real impact. Learn more.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Corporation has engaged Caltech to deliver an innovative six-day program in Airworthiness Fundamentals, designed to help build capabilities for the company's aerospace engineers. Learn more.



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