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Caltech CTME offers a wide range of programs to cater to your needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing skills, learn something new, or advance your career, we have you covered. Our programs are designed to accommodate busy professionals and are available in various formats: online for public courses and on-campus/online/on-site for custom programs tailored to client organizations.

With topics spanning from artificial intelligence and innovation to leadership and systems engineering, our courses are aimed at professionals from mid-level managers to senior leaders in technology-driven industries and markets. Gain valuable insights, refresh your perspective, and acquire new strategies to excel in your role and drive success in your organization. Learn more in our FAQ or check out Why Caltech CTME.


Meet Our Staff

Picture of Rick HefnerPicture of Rick Hefner

Rick Hefner

Executive Director


Picture of Judy StrepponePicture of Judy Streppone

Judy Streppone

Director Finance & Operations


Picture of Mike AshPicture of Mike Ash

Mike Ash



Picture of Nathan BrennerPicture of Nathan Brenner

Nathan Brenner

Technology Operations Specialist


Picture of Jim CardelloPicture of Jim Cardello

Jim Cardello

Program Manager


Picture of Michelle ChalduPicture of Michelle Chaldu

Michelle Chaldu

Administrative Assistant


Picture of Sharon FahnPicture of Sharon Fahn

Sharon Fahn

Program Administrator


Picture of Stacy MaddenPicture of Stacy Madden

Stacy Madden

Digital Marketing Specialist


Picture of Jessica MartinezPicture of Jessica Martinez

Jessika Martinez

Program Coordinator 


Picture of Jorge MataPicture of Jorge Mata

Jorge Mata

Senior Technology Administrator


Picture of Maria MelendezPicture of Maria Melendez

Maria Melendez

Purchasing Agent


Michael BrennerMichael Brenner



Mary AbbaziaMary Abbazia



Alan G. DunnAlan G. Dunn



Nathaniel CrewsNathaniel Crews



Michael BrennerMichael Brenner


Systems Engineering, Model-Based Engineering (MBSE), Aerospace Project Management

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