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  1. Mars Rover Perseverance and helicopter Ingenuity are on the landscape surface of the planet. The rover and its overall systems are used to illustrate the fundamental concepts and methods of systems engineering. Courtesy of JPL/Caltech. Smaller Image for c

    Systems Engineering Fundamentals 25

    This certificate program provides you with the critical skills and knowledge essential for successful systems engineering. The 40-hour curriculum focuses on practical methods and tools for eliciting user needs and requirements, defining robust system architectures and designs, and effectively verifying and validating that your product works as intended. The course covers current industry best practices to ensure vital, cost-effective designs that meet stringent functional, performance, and cost requirements.

    • Self-Paced Online
    • Certificate
    • 6 Weeks
  2. Managing Supplier Performance 10

    Managing Supplier Performance 10

    Supplier performance management and performance is key to your successful operations and plays a crucial role in procurement, supply chain management and overall risk management. Finding a proactive approach to analyzing and managing supplier performance helps ensure that your products or services meet the hightest possible quality standards. This certification program shows you how to establish a system for monitoring suppler performance and measuring its progress.

    • Self-Paced Online
    • 4 Weeks
  3. Entrepreneurial Leadership 8

    Entrepreneurial Leadership 9

    Entrepreneurial leaders work to inspire their teams to greatness while recognizing the unique capabilities of each individual in their team. They motivate through example, demonstrating that reaching a goal is possible with hard work, courage and dedication. Creating a culture of cooperation and collaboration empowers teams to strive further and make meanginful contributions. Build confidence as the leader who sees the possibilities for growth and can build trust and communicate the vision for purposeful execution.

    • Self-Paced Online
    • 4 Weeks