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VP, Halliburton

Chris Tevis

Our custom strategic marketing program with Caltech gave me the right perspective to help drive significant improvements to a challenged business in my portfolio. With a customer-first mindset and standard tools across the company, our approach to problem-solving has been a game-changer for us.

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  1. Four scientists (3 male, 1 female) in dark room, wearing white jumpsuits, experimenting with space objects, measuring and calculating information.

    Systems Engineering Fundamentals

    The Systems Engineering Certificate Program provides you with the key skills and knowledge essential for successful systems engineering. Our systems thinking and engineering focus is on fundamental applications of proven methods that will help you take your customer’s requirements and operational needs and turn them into effective solutions that meet goals for cost, schedule, and performance.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  2. Two young men wearing blue hardhats and gray overcoats, standing in lab, one pointing to item on the wall. Integrated into the image is a large jet in a hangar.

    Model-Based Systems Engineering Fundamentals

    When you are facing the challenge of optimizing design and simulation activities, you need the toolbox of relevant skills in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). A critical capability in digital engineering, MBSE integrates iterative, comprehensive design with insights into the implications of choices, changes, and system behaviors.

    MBSE Fundamentals is a customizable certificate program for your organization.


    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  3. Two young men, systems engineers, in lab studying items on a laptop being held by the man on the left. Integrated into the image on the left is a yellow tower and orange shipping crates on the right side.

    Project Management Certificate Programs

    Caltech's Project Management Certificate Programs provide your team with the comprehensive skills and knowledge essential for the successful management and delivery of high-stakes initiatives and projects.  Flexible industry-focused curricula focuses on practical methods and tools for managing the full project life-cycle in your operational context. Course modules can be fixed or include optional electives covering in-depth leading practices can incorporating your corporate projects for real-world application.

    Our experience spans customizing foundational and advanced PM programs in aerospace and aviation, automotive, chemical, energy generation and distribution, heavy industry, electronics and semiconductor, government programs, medical devices, scientific research, and utilities for US and international teams.

    • Certificate
  4. Aerospace engineers check aerodynamics of equipment in laboratory. Young woman viewing drone in a wind tunnel while young man views two computer monitors of drones.

    Aerospace Project Management

    The Aerospace Project Management Certificate Program is not just a course, it's an immersive experience designed to equip aerospace project managers with the critical skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's dynamic aerospace environment. But the true power of this program lies in its adaptability.

    This customizable program is taught by experts in aerospace, aviation, and defense projects and programs. Target specific teams to upskill or provide this program as an evergreen learning option for your entire enterprise to build new, consistent capabilities for large-scale efforts.  

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  5. Reflection Of Planet Earth In Solar Panels Of A Space Satellite

    Advanced Model-Based Systems Engineering

    Build your organization's digital engineering skills with Caltech's Advanced Model-Based Systems Engineering Certificate program. This interactive course builds upon a group's foundational MBSE experience and is geared toward enhancing capabilities to build complex models, integrate suppliers' models, shape modeling standards for teams, and execute sophisticated simulations. Through a customized program, your engineering leaders and Caltech CTME tailor the curricula and participant experience to fit specific needs. This flexibility extends to integrating with your frameworks, products, and contexts.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  6. Female and male engineers in high-tech systems office looking at laptop computer and talking.

    Systems Engineering Management

    In today's high-tech industries, the demand for rigorous systems engineering combined with comprehensive management training is rapidly increasing. This is particularly crucial in organizations with interdependent locations and processes, as well as the ever-growing complexity of products. The Systems Engineering Management program is specifically designed to facilitate engineers transitioning into engineering management or program leadership roles. It equips them with the necessary mindsets, skills, and behaviors to excel as effective managers in this crucial role.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate