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Director of the Office of Airworthiness, NGC AS

Doug Davis

Caltech has developed an airworthiness fundamentals professional program that is timely and tailored to bring the right big-picture perspectives to seasoned engineers as well as professionals early in their career. The program can be offered where and when we need it, and it is flexible enough to allow for both US civil and military needs, while also being adaptable for Europe and other international regulatory environments. Northrop Grumman is committed to providing multiple educational opportunities for our employees to help them obtain the airworthiness skills necessary for our company to be the most trusted provider of systems and technologies, with the goal of supporting global security. 

Available Programs for Organizations

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  1. Female professional staring out her office window.

    Unthink! An Ingenious Creative Problem-Solving Workshop

    This workshop generates fresh perspectives and an in-depth understanding of the theory and application of state-of-the-art creative problem-solving processes. Adopting Unthink techniques will enhance mindsets and company culture, and help increase organizational profitability and growth. This two-day workshop covers a wide variety of business challenges that include branding, business strategy, and problem solving, among many others.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  2. Young Asian woman standing, applying sticky notes for project plan on glass structure as young male employee participates.

    Agile Project Management

    This customizable, flexible program provides agile tools and techniques for effectively and efficiently planning and managing knowledge-based projects. Delivered as a more extended certificate program or a two-day module of a broader course, Agile Project Management has the toolset you need to meet changing customer needs and expectations and to produce high-quality products, services, and solutions efficiently. We tailor course material and focus to your organization's products and delivery challenges. Furthermore, this program can reinforce new hybrid ways of working that fit your needs—integrating waterfalls and agility for teams traversing both methods.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  3. Chief Engineer using laptop computer, analyzing and researching turbofan motor.

    Airworthiness Fundamentals

    In aerospace and aviation, managers and engineers need to understand airworthiness and the property of an air vehicle or aircraft system configuration to safely attain, sustain, and terminate flight per approved usage limits. This course imparts concepts of both initial airworthiness certification—verifying that the design and production of a specific air vehicle system conform to its described flight envelope—and continuing airworthiness—ensuring that, at any time in its operating life, the aircraft complies with the airworthiness requirements in force and is in condition for safe operation.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  4. Closeup of a computer circuit board, fading into blue.

    Reinventing Work for the Age of AI

    Reinventing Work for the Age of AI is an executive program that is a high-energy, practical learning experience that provides you and your senior team with the insights, frameworks, and tools to truly understand AI and how to incorporate it into the work of your organization. You will learn about the various categories of automation, experiment with emerging AI tools, including generative AI, and understand how to use award-winning frameworks to redesign work to achieve the optimal combinations of humans and automation.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  5. Aerial bird's eye view of automated cargo container yard bathed in all blue light and shadow.

    Next-Generation Global Supply Chain Leadership

    Join Caltech's specialized Next Generation Global Supply Chain Leadership Certificate Program, the premier executive education and development initiative for next-generation leaders at technology-driven manufacturing and distribution companies. In this comprehensive program, emerging corporate leaders learn to successfully orchestrate global supply chains, cascade learning across regions, and equip new managers to effectively navigate uncertainty and drive efficiency. This customizable program focuses on the development of employees in a single company or conglomerate of technology brands and markets.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate