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VP, Halliburton

Chris Tevis

Our custom strategic marketing program with Caltech gave me the right perspective to help drive significant improvements to a challenged business in my portfolio. With a customer-first mindset and standard tools across the company, our approach to problem-solving has been a game-changer for us.

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  1. A image of a female, Latin American white collar worker, shot inside the office. Shot through glass and a bunch of post-it adhesive notes, it combines reflections and blurs, to produce an unusual effect.

    Systems Thinking

    Systems thinking is an approach that encourages us to view problems as parts of an overall system with interconnected relationships, rather than reacting to specific parts in isolation. In systems thinking, cause and effect is cyclical rather than linear. This framework recognizes that the world is a set of highly interconnected technical and social entities that are hierarchically organized, producing emergent behavior.

    • Blended
    • Certificate
    • 5 Days
  2. A portrait of a scientist leaning on a desk in her laboratory.

    AI/ML Lab for Engineering and Science

    Propel your machine learning skills to new heights for industry-grade applications in both research and real-world product environments. This intensive, hands-on, five-day certificate program is designed to hone your expertise based on the Institute's proven methodology for nurturing researchers' capabilities. Embark on this transformative journey and unlock your full potential in the realm of AI and machine learning.

    • Blended
    • Certificate
    • 5 Days
  3. Aerial view of container ship yard.

    Managing Supply Chain Risk and Performance

    Managing supply chain risk helps streamline a company's activities to eliminate waste, maximize customer value, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By effectively managing the supply chain, companies greatly reduce excess costs and deliver products to the consumer faster and more efficiently. Good supply chain management helps prevent expensive product recalls, while delivering reliability and leveraging enterprise resources effectively. 

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  4. Team interacting together.

    Developing and Sustaining High Performing Teams

    High-performance teams are essential for organizations to respond to the competitive pressures in changing domestic and global markets. This course provides your organization with the toolkit needed to strengthen team inclusiveness, team development, and team leadership skills. Develop and implement tactics that can foster resourceful, proficient teams and collaborative cultures in fast-paced technical environments.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  5. Man leading meeting, making a point, discussing business matters.

    Influencing Without Authority

    Business leaders are experiencing an increasing shift in the mindsets that foster work culture, in the employee experience and in how employees’ skills are recognized and utilized for maximum business benefits. Their professionals success depends upon the ability to influence people at all levels of their organization. This course enables participants to increase personal competence in the areas of communication, influence, and problem-solving. The focus of this course is on real-life problems and challenges that individuals face in the workplace. 



    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  6. Equipment inside a modern industrial plant.

    Technical Project Management

    Caltech's Technical Project Management Certificate Program is designed with the experienced project management team in mind, providing them with advanced skills, tools, and the mastery needed to develop and apply cutting-edge technology to real-world applications of national importance. This program's focus spans large-scale mega projects, technical platforms, and R&D efforts with low Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). The principles and scope of tasks are similar to project management yet heavily driven by the nature of the technical work and product design. This engaging workshop encourages participants to utilize proven industry best practices to solve representative problems. 


    • On-Campus
    • Certificate
  7. Manager standing in front of his team explaining program as they smile enthusiastically.

    Leadership: The People Challenge

    For leaders to lead, they need not only unparalleled talent but also the ability to attract followers. Whether you're leading a family, a class or a corporation, leadership means inspiring others to achieve certain outcomes. And it's up to you to decide whether you are leading positively or negatively — and whether you choose to focus on engagement or merely output. 

    Effective leadership has a lot to do with inspiring, aligning and then activating. The exceptional leader creates a common purpose and vision and then help their team convert this vision into a reality that adds value for customers.

    • On-Campus
    • Certificate