The Caltech Experience

Since our inception in 1891, Caltech has been one of the most world-renowned science and engineering institutes, cultivating an atmosphere of discovery and invention that pioneered ideas and industries and the contribution of over 40 Nobel Laureates.

In 2021, Caltech was named the “best school in the US for learning experience.” A title we earned because of our distinguished faculty, world-class resources and the ability to offer our unparalleled educational experience — everywhere.

From our beautiful Pasadena campus, to on-location services, to online courses — the flexibility of Caltech's executive and professional development programs empowers you to learn wherever you are.

When it comes to innovation, at Caltech we can’t help ourselves. It’s encoded in our DNA. We express innovation and pass it on during small group activities, team challenges, assignments, quizzes, simulations and role-playing. Caltech CTME’s environment augments innovation, taking advantage of labs, outdoor activities, networking events, excursions to other organizations, special events and visits to Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), which Caltech operates for NASA. We also offer online learning in our custom and public programs, whether live-online learning or on-demand (pre-recorded) pass/fail courses. Some programs are hybrid and have elements of both. You will gain inspiration and perspective from interactions with Caltech creative thinkers who are exploring the frontiers of knowledge.

Custom programs are geared toward project-based learning. A team could work through a project, such as designing an autonomous rescue vehicle and service. Other clients assign larger, high-stakes initiatives to create value (e.g., redesigning an engine used by the company; building a business model; reengineering a process to capture cost savings.) Caltech CTME’s innovation programs seek to help clients advance initiatives that in some cases could become the company’s next billion-dollar business.

Teaching teams have insights into industries developed during decades of real-world experience and leadership roles in research, engineering, venturing, commercialization, manufacturing, operations, and executive accountability at technology-driven organizations and government agencies.

At Caltech CTME, you will develop the vision, technology skills and leadership to master the complex issues challenging your organization.


Rob Manning

Chief Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Lecturer on Systems Engineering, Leadership

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Experience educational encounters like no other

Participants are immersed in lab tours, excursions, receptions, and catered events on-campus for custom client programs. Interact with faculty, meet guest speakers, and network with peers and provocateurs alike.

We strive to be a global community of thinkers and doers

Our executive and professional programs reach your teams in distant places. When not on Caltech's intimate campus, we bring the programs to learners in over 20 countries spanning Asia, Europe, and the Americas, championing diversity and inclusion for innovation.


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