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Master foundational skills with Caltech's Project Management Certificate Program, designed to elevate your planning, leadership, risk management, and delivery capabilities. Perfect for aspiring managers, this five-course program sharpens your ability to drive successful projects in any sector, ensuring you meet critical targets and stakeholder expectations.

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  • Start Date N/A
  • Time Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm (PDT)
  • Duration 10 Days
  • Program Type Open-Enrollment/Public
  • Certificate Type Certificate
  • Format Live-Online
  • CEUs 8
  • PDUs 80
  • Fees $5,250

Master foundational skills with Caltech's Project Management Certificate Program, designed to elevate your planning, leadership, risk management, and delivery capabilities. Perfect for aspiring managers, this five-course program sharpens your ability to drive successful projects in any sector, ensuring you meet critical targets and stakeholder expectations.

Project Management 61.0

Program Experience

Our Project Management Certificate Program, a distinctive 10-day experience, allows you to build a comprehensive foundation of core PM skills and behaviors. You'll discover your personal style as a PM and join a vibrant community of Project Management certifciate holders.

Join our online learning environment in this live, instructor-led program, comprising five essential topics including initialization, planning, leading, controling, and managing risk. Engage actively with peers through online discussions and collaborative team assignments. With classes scheduled on Saturdays, the program is conveniently designed to fit into your busy life, ensuring you can advance your skills without sacrificing your professional or personal commitments.

The Caltech program's rigor and our educators' extensive industry experience render it unparalleled. Specializing in technology-intensive fields—including electronics, aerospace, defense, energy, finance, lifesciences, media, and more—prepares you for diverse sectors and functional roles. Our alumni are testament to our impact, with presence in leading companies, agencies, and institutions.


As a Premier Authorized Training Partner for PMI, Caltech's Project Management Certificate Program is tailored to propel you to the forefront of effective project execution. Through interaction with seasoned professionals, gain practical insights that translate into immediate project leadership.

  • Cultivate Robust Leadership: Develop agile leadership skills to expertly guide complex projects to success

  • Advance Your Career: Open doors in industries like aerospace and finance by mastering pivotal project management techniques

  • Immediate Application: Implement real-world insights swiftly to enhance your project's performance

  • Certification Readiness: Lay the groundwork for certifications such as PMI's PMP®, with our program meeting the necessary educational hours

  • Industry Expertise: Learn from experts whose rich experience shapes a curriculum synced with the PMBOK® Guide's highest standards

  • Interactive Experience: Benefit from active learning that encourages skill application and peer interaction

  • Employer-Incentivized Learning: Take advantage of tuition assistance programs to invest in your growth

  • Broad Skillset Acquisition: Master versatile project management skills relevant across sectors and roles


The topics covered in the Project Management Certificate program are presented as five two-day course modules. You will learn through interactive team-based exercises and assignments in this live-online program aligned to PMI's PMBOK® Guide. Each course module is required. 

Project Initiation, Costing, and Selection

This course will show you how to develop the essential elements for starting a project—the business case and the project charter. You will learn how to use selection criteria and models to evaluate project economic returns and the project portfolio.

You will learn to:

  • Establish the business case for your project
  • Develop the needs analysis and the project charter initiating the project
  • Understand how estimated project costs and risks impact the decision regarding whether or not to approve a project
  • Apply cost estimation techniques for each phase of the project
  • Understand the basic concepts of present value analysis and Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
  • Utilize project selection models, both numeric and qualitative, to evaluate the project portfolio

Project Organization and Leadership

In this course, you will examine the principles of effective program leadership and motivation. Our content focuses on practical methods for decision-making, conflict management, communications, and team development.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the project manager’s key roles and responsibilities
  • Survive and thrive in a matrix organization
  • Build and manage effective cross functional project teams
  • Build key leadership competencies and skills
  • Resolve conflicts within the team and with other constituencies
  • Avoid pitfalls that cause projects to fail

Detailed Project Planning

This course provides the foundation for successful project planning, including scoping, estimating, budgeting, and scheduling. With an emphasis on practical knowledge, our content includes common planning mistakes and pitfalls, as well as practical workarounds.

You will learn to:

  • Break large or complex efforts into manageable assignments, including the proper use of WBS
  • Use planning and scheduling work tools, including PERT and CPM techniques
  • Understand cost planning and estimating elements and contract management processes essential to complete project planning
  • Integrate project scope, time, cost and resources plans

Project Monitoring and Control

This course covers the basics of tracking technical efforts against cost, schedule, and performance targets. Our emphasis is on reporting progress, identifying performance problems before they become severe, and determining how to recover when a project starts to go off course.

You will learn to:

  • Understand trending and forecasting in a project environment
  • Monitor project progress and problems, utilizing data identification and collection techniques, and measurement and analysis tools such as earned value
  • Exercise project control over resources, time, cost, and risk
  • Report project performance and results in an effective way to project stakeholders
  • Manage changes and re-plan work when necessary

Risk and Opportunity Management

A well-structured and cost-effective risk management program is an essential ingredient of a successful project. In this course, you will learn proven methods and tools for recognizing, assessing, and responding to project risks. Our educators present real-life examples in classroom simulations and interactive exercises.

You will learn to:

  • Identify what can go wrong on a project
  • Determine what risks are important and warrant mitigation
  • Prepare an effective risk statement
  • Generate strategies to deal with critical risks
  • Determine the expected value of a mitigation strategy
  • Determine the size of the contingency reserve for the project
  • Make decisions under uncertainty and risk
Who Should Attend

For current project managers and professionals who haven't experienced a comprehensive project management program, our course offers a transformative journey. You'll move beyond instinctive management to master structured, effective strategies that elevate project outcomes.

New engineers, scientists, and technologists will discover how project management techniques directly apply to the nuanced worlds of industry and R&D, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Aspiring project managers will find our course an essential step towards PMI credentials such as the PMP® or CAPM®, with targeted training that paves the way for certification success. PDUs are available for certification maintenance.

Our PMI-aligned certificate program is designed for immediate real-world application, making it a worthy investment for employers looking to enhance their team's capabilities. Consider discussing tuition reimbursement with your employer.


Course Duration Live Online (via Zoom)

Project Initiation, Costing and Selection 61.1

Course # 1530X24

2 Days

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Sat 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time

Project Organization and Leadership 61.2

Course # 1500X24

2 Days

Currently being Scheduled!
Sat 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time

Project Detailed Project Planning 61.3

Course # 1510X24

2 Days

Currently being Scheduled!
Sat 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time

Project Monitoring and Control 61.4

Course # 1520X24

2 Days

Currently being Scheduled!
Sat 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time

Project Risk and Opportunity Management 61.5

Course # 1540X24

2 Days

Currently being Scheduled!
Sat 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time


Q1: What prerequisites are needed to enroll in this project management program?
A1: Our program is designed for professionals with or without project management experience. Familiarity with basic business concepts is beneficial.

Q2: How does this program prepare me for PMI certifications like the PMP® or CAPM®?
A2: The curriculum aligns with PMI standards, covering key knowledge areas and process groups essential for the certifications. This program meets education requirement to qualify to take the PMP® exam.

Q3: Can I complete this program while working full-time?
A3: Yes, the program is designed for working professionals, offering weekend learning schedules.

Q4: How long does it take to complete the Project Management Certificate Program?
A4: Typically, the five courses in the program can be completed in about four months. If you pause in the program to take an extended break, you can complete the remaining courses when you are ready to return.

Q5: Are there opportunities for hands-on project management experience within the program?
A5: Yes, the program includes practical team-based assignments and case studies simulating real-world project management scenarios. You can apply knowledge and tools immediate at your work.

Q6: Can international students enroll in the program?
A6: Yes, international students can enroll, however, the courses are taught live online Saturdays from 8am to 5pm Pacific. Learners outside North America should consider the Advanced Project Management courses and certificate program, which is available on-demand. English proficiency is required.

Q7: Who teaches the courses?
A7: Courses are taught Caltech CTME instructors who are industry experienced professionals with PMP®, ACP®, SAFe® credentials, and PMI-approved for ATP Courses. With extensive knowledge in a variety of project types in technology, energy, finance, and health care, our instructors provide practical tools and insights that can be immediately applied in your environment.