Total Safety Leadership

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In this practical, interactive workshop program, you will learn from a globally recognized expert in safety leadership and culture. Gain insight into the essential aspects of workplace safety—issues to do with leadership, culture and employee behavior—that will systematically move your organization From Accidents to Zero.

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In this practical, interactive workshop program, you will learn from a globally recognized expert in safety leadership and culture. Gain insight into the essential aspects of workplace safety—issues to do with leadership, culture and employee behavior—that will systematically move your organization From Accidents to Zero.

Total Safety Leadership

Program Experience

Step into a transformative experience with our Total Safety Leadership workshop, guided by a globally acclaimed authority in safety leadership and culture. Explore the intricate dynamics of workplace safety, delving deep into the realms of leadership, culture, and human behavior. Our journey is focused on propelling your organization "From Accidents to Zero".

Through a dynamic blend of lectures, immersive case studies, role-playing scenarios, and collaborative small group exercises, participants gain profound insights. They assemble a profound understanding of the psychology underpinning human behavior, master diverse leadership styles, and foster advanced leadership competencies.

Additionally, engage in exercises tailored to develop new technical and business management, help plan for new projects, anticipate potential risks, or address current obstacles, ensuring a proactive approach to safety within your organization.

This executive workshop is ideal for teams in sectors such as aerospace and aviation, biotech/pharma, chemical, defense, electronics, energy, heavy industry manufacturing, nuclear, and critical infrastructure.


Your team will learn to:

  • Understand the psychology behind human behavior and learn how to apply pragmatic solutions to improve workplace Health and Safety

  • Learn which leadership styles most effectively influence the way we think, work, lead and live

  • Gain advanced leadership skills to drive a positive, sustainable impact in your workplace

  • Learn the 'New ABC' model of safety culture psychology – a powerful tool to lead with safety

  • Learn from a globally-recognized expert in safety culture and leadership

  • Learn how to conduct high impact safety interventions using practical tools and straightforward, jargon-free techniques

  • Learn the 'Six New Rules of Employee Engagement' and gain tips and ideas for building engaging dialogue and conversations around safety in your workplace

  • Understand how a mindful approach to safety can foster a positive climate for performance improvement

  • Participate in meaningful discussion and debate on the most important aspects of safety culture, behavior and leadership and network with safety leaders and other peers from across industry


Key Modules

  • Safety Excellence and the Journey to Zero Accidents

  • Transactional, Transformational and Servant Leadership

  • Going beyond Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)

  • The Mindful Safety Culture

  • The X Factor – The Secret Leadership Traits That Make the Difference

  • Effective Motivation and Engagement – Moving From Theory to Practice

  • Affective Communication Skills

  • Felt Leadership / Values-Based Leadership

  • The Role of Human Factors

  • Advanced Influencing Skills

Program Detail


Module 1– Leadership 1: Understanding the Theory

  • The Importance and Value of Effective Safety Leadership
  • Times Are Changing: Assessing the Usefulness of Transactional, Transformational and Servant Leadership (Case Study)
  • Felt Leadership – A New Approach?
  • Responsibility versus Accountability

Module 2 – Why Are We Here? Safety Culture Performance Paradox

  • The Philosophical Roots and Development of Safety Culture
  • 'Safety First' and 'Zero Accidents': Using Organizational Maturity Models and the Importance of Defining Your Start Point and Your Destination
  • Driving Sustainable Safety Performance: Balancing Business Imperative with Safety Aspiration
  • Just Culture
  • 'It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It': the Psychological, Situational and Behavioral Aspects of Culture

Module 3 – Moving Beyond Behavior-Based Safety

  • Behavioral Pattern Recognition: Why People Behave As They Do - An Introduction to Human Factors, Triggers and Consequences
  • The Highs and Lows of a Behavioral Approach
  • Aligning Behavior-Based Approaches to Enable Broader Business Benefits
  • The Challenges and Limitations of Using BBS: How to Break Through the Performance Plateau

Module 4 – The Reality of Risk: The Role of Fear and Values

  • Risk Perception, Sensitivity and Tolerance
  • The Influence of Society – Examining Why and How Reputation Impacts Organizational Risk
  • Evolving Fear into Function to Maximize Leadership and Consolidate Followership
  • Groupthink and Polarization: Why Teamwork Can Kill Your Culture and How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Working in Groups

Conclusion of Day 1

  • Recap of Key Points; Reflections


Module 5 - Understanding Change

  • Learnings from Beyond the Safety Sphere: Health Psychology and the Stage Model of Change
  • Why Positive Disruption Needs Viral Change: Factors that Spread Successful Change Leadership

Module 6 – Motivation and Engagement

  • 'Having to' or 'Wanting to': Generating Desire for Safety
  • The 'New ABC Model': Using Affective, Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology to Positively Influence
  • The '6 New Rules' of Employee Engagement
  • Affective Communication – Feeling the Difference

Module 7 – Leadership 2: Doing More with Less

  • Leadership Attribute Assessment (Practical Exercise)
  • The X Factor – The Most Effective Leadership Traits Revealed
  • Daily Rituals: 7 Zero-Cost Practical Tools to Make a Difference Now
  • The Role of Trust and Mindful Safety Leadership

Module 8 - Putting It All together

  • Masterclass Key Points Refresher
  • Interdependent Learning Discussion
  • Tactical Strategy: Building a Roadmap for Safety Excellence
Who Should Attend
  • Individuals responsible for leading safety within an organization at a global, regional or local level - HSEQ / HSSE / EHS Directors, Leaders, Managers and Advisors

  • Those dedicated to reducing exposure to workplace accidents, incidents, and injuries

  • CEOs, Senior Executives, Site Leaders, Department Heads and Functional Managers and Supervisors interested in developing leadership skills from a safety perspective

  • BBS Coordinators, Senior Safety Representatives

  • Teams from a range of industry sectors including:* Oil and Gas / Petrochemical * Chemical * Automotive * Manufacturing * Metals, Ceramics and Mining * Energy, Utilities and Power Generation / Supply * Engineering * Food and Beverage * Construction * Transportation * IT * Electric and Electronic * Consumer Goods * Pharmaceuticals * SHE Governmental Associations / Bodies * Pulp and Paper *


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Doctor Andrew Sharman

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