TU Wien Supply Chain Management for Technology Organizations


Discover the Operations and Supply Chain for Technology Organizations specialization for the Engineering Management Executive MBA program, a collaboration between TU Wien, the Vienna University of Technology and Caltech CTME. Excel in global manufacturing and operations leadership roles across various industries. Engage in immersive courses on technology and operations management, global supply chain orchestration, and innovation management. Develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and effective leadership skills. Shape innovation, enhance supply chain capabilities, and confidently lead operational professionals. Join this unparalleled program today and elevate your career!

Program Description

Introducing the Operations and Supply Chain for Technology Organizations executive MBA program, a collaboration between TU Wien and Caltech's Center for Technology and Management Education (Caltech CTME). This unique, technology-focused program is designed for professionals seeking to excel in global manufacturing and operations leadership roles within industries such as aviation, electronics, chemical, hard goods, medical products, and mobility.

Embark on a two-week immersive experience at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, where you will engage in focused courses and workshops on technology and operations management. Delve into global supply chain orchestration, manufacturing, and distribution networks while earning credit toward your TU Wien Executive MBA degree and learning about engineering management.

In this intensive 11-course track, you will explore supply chain fundamentals, leadership, and technical content through cultural presentations, lectures, tours, and interactions with Caltech researchers, industry executives, and leading companies driving advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Participate in role-playing scenarios, interactive case studies, group activities, and individual exercises designed to equip you with practical solutions that can be readily implemented in your career.

Develop critical thinking, communication skills, emotional intelligence, interpersonal dynamics, and effective leadership capabilities for high-performing teams. Your Caltech experience continues in Vienna with additional elective options to complete your concentration in supply chain management.

This specialization is unparalleled in its ability to prepare you to shape innovation, develop leading supply chain capabilities, and effectively lead influential operational professionals within your organization.

This exclusive program welcomes select participants from both the US and international locations. Additionally, it serves as an integral component of the annual Executive MBA course in Engineering Management at the Vienna University of Technology. Throughout the two-week course, attendees will experience a unique blend of perspectives as participants from TU Wien's visiting program at Caltech collaborate and engage in immersive learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • After positive completion of the module, students are able to:
  • Acquire advanced leadership skills to manage teams in technology-driven supply chain environments effectively
  • Cultivate a growth mindset and adaptive behaviors to navigate the rapidly evolving supply chain management landscape
  • Implement innovative managerial processes to optimize supply chain operations for technology organizations
  • Master technical skills related to cutting-edge technologies in advanced manufacturing and precision manufacturing
  • Gain insights into the latest materials advancements and their impact on supply chain management
  • Leverage AI-enabled improvements for information security and decision-making in supply chain operations
  • Enhance strategic thinking to identify opportunities for process improvements, cost reduction, and increased efficiency in supply chains
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of global supply chain orchestration, manufacturing, and distribution networks
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration and communication skills to drive innovation and streamline supply chain processes
  • Apply emotional intelligence techniques to lead high-performing teams and foster a culture of continuous improvement in supply chain management


In the module, the following topics will be covered:

  • Understanding advanced technologies: AI, IoT, robotics, biotechnology, quantum computing, and their impact on businesses and industries
  • Future thinking and forecasting: Developing strategic foresight to inform decision-making and navigate technological advancements under multiple scenarios
  • Building an innovation agenda: Creating a competitive edge at the product, enterprise, and industry levels through innovation strategies
  • Competitive business models and systems thinking: Leveraging platform strategies, multi-sided markets, and systems dynamics to identify new value propositions and their implications
  • Managing innovation and R&D: Leading product development and teams charged with innovation initiatives
  • Organization design and transformation: Adapting technology organizations to the future of work through effective leadership and change management
  • Intellectual property and commercialization: Strategies for technology transfer, protecting innovations, and successfully bringing new technologies to market


This two-week intensive public program is held over October 21–November 1, 2024. Attendance over both weeks is required.

We're excited to announce that this course will be open for applications in July 2024. Please check back then to apply and embark on your educational journey with Caltech CTME and the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).


Who Should Attend

Our Supply Chain for Technology Organizations Program is ideal for:

  1. Supply chain and operations professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in technology-driven supply chain management
  2. Mid-level and senior executives aiming to develop leadership skills and strategic thinking in technology-focused supply chains
  3. Project managers, procurement specialists, and quality assurance professionals looking to incorporate advanced technologies into their roles
  4. Business analysts, consultants, and product development experts seeking to deepen their understanding of technology's impact on supply chain efficiency
  5. Entrepreneurs and business owners in technology-driven industries looking to optimize their supply chain management capabilities for growth and competitiveness

Join our program and equip yourself with the skills and insights needed to thrive in today's dynamic world of technology and innovation.