Photo of Chris Boydstun

Chris Boydstun

Software Engineering, Project Management

Chris Boydstun is an educator, full-stack web developer, and entrepreneur with a successful track record of project management. He began his career in technology by mowing neighborhood lawns, purchasing computer parts, and selling the assembled PCs for a profit as a boy. Chris continued to study computer science throughout high school and college before entering the professional workforce as an educator. He became a leader in the development of online asynchronous content, designing an original web-based learning management system, and delivering live remote lessons occurring across every time zone on the planet. He is currently the founder and owner of TeleCapable, a technology consulting firm specializing in web development, marketing, and education. 

Mr. Boydstun founded an English as a Second Language education-technology venture to develop an innovative learner-centric online platform for immersive and engaging skill development, where he gained experience in the end-to-end execution of a dynamic digital business. 

Mr. Boydstun is exceptionally passionate about teaching technology to empower people in the workforce. He has personally instructed thousands of fledgling engineers and written curricula used by over one hundred thousand learners. In addition to delivering masterclass lectures for Caltech CTME in their professional education programs, Mr. Boydstun serves as a technical training coordinator for the open-source system monitoring Netdata project. In addition, he continues to create technical content, lecture on web development, and facilitate the adoption of technology and rapid innovation with his clients. 

Mr. Boydstun graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science. He completed the Bloom Institute of Technology Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp. In addition, Mr. Boydstun holds a professional teaching certificate.