Our Educators

Our team of educators and guides are experts in their field – engineering pioneers, applied science visionaries, Ted-Talkers, professional facilitators, pilots, problem solvers, marketing mavens, and award-winning authors – who bring academic knowledge, practical approaches, and proven solutions to their programs.

Collectively, they have decades of experience in aerospace, communications, defense, electronics, energy, government, high-tech, pharma/medical devices, and precision manufacturing. 

Photo of Mary Abbazia

Mary Abbazia

Technology Marketing and Strategy

Photo of Shreekant Agrawal

Shreekant Agrawal, PhD

Project Management

Photo of Patrick Alexander

Patrick Alexander

Cloud Solution Architect, Software Engineering

Picture of instructor Federico Arroyo

Federico Arroyo

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence

Photo of Nicholas Beaudoin

Nicholas Beaudoin

Machine Learning, Generative AI

Photo of Tim Boyd

Tim Boyd

Leadership, Systems Engineering, Project Management

Photo of Chris Boydstun

Chris Boydstun

Software Engineering, Project Management

Photo of Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner

Systems Engineering, Model-Based Engineering (MBSE), Aerospace Project Management

Photo of Jerry L. Brown

Jerry L. Brown

Project Management

Photo of Kristina Carroll

Kristina Carroll

Systems Engineering, MBSE

Photo of Steven Cornford

Steven Cornford

Systems Engineering, Aerospace Project Management

Photo of Nathaniel Crews

Nathaniel Crews

Agile Project Management, Systems Engineering, Coaching

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