Photo of Matthew Dartez

Matthew Dartez

Software Engineering

Matthew Dartez, M.S., is the Director of DevOps and Infrastructure Engineering at Kyriba Software. He specializes in software and systems engineering, project management, DevOps adoption, process automation, and cloud-based implementations.

Mr. Dartez previously consulted for a wide range of industries which include Fortune 100, defense, state and local government, technology, financial, and energy companies. At EY, he lead DevOps engineering and public cloud adoption efforts, facilitating programs around migration, platform designs, micro-services and container adoption, orchestration frameworks, automated load testing, and infrastructure as code efforts.

Matthew has also worked at companies in construction services, financial software analytics, and healthcare systems design. He led modernization and automation efforts for DevOps initial adoption, HPC/Supercomputer adoption, build automation, expansion into the cloud, and large scale up/out application conversions.

He received his M.S. at Florida Institute of Technology, and his Bachelors at Louisiana Tech.