Photo of Mary Abbazia

Mary Abbazia

Technology Marketing and Strategy

Mary Abbazia is a strategic marketing expert, TEDx speaker, co-author of The Accidental Marketer, and leads Caltech CTME programs for technology marketing. She is managing director of Impact Planning Group, where she coaches virtual and live workshops for Fortune 1000 technology companies. She leads business teams with an "outside-in" roadmap and toolkit to create robust strategies and develop critical marketing skills.

Ms. Abbazia has over 25 years of global experience working across a diverse group of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, high tech, specialty chemicals, industrial supplies, telecommunications, and financial services. Ms. Abbazia's clients include GE, Halliburton, Medtronic, NXP/Freescale Semiconductor, and Pfizer.

Previously, Ms. Abbazia was vice president at The BASES Group, a division of AC Nielsen. She utilized models to help technology clients launch new products and services, establish pricing strategies, and accurately forecast demand. As a consultant at Perry, Lawson & Associates, a full-service marketing company, Ms. Abbazia guided clients in implementing strategies. Ms. Abbazia was a marketing manager for Intel.

Ms. Abbazia holds an MBA and received her bachelor of science degree in managerial economics from the University of California, Davis.