Photo of Patrick Alexander

Patrick Alexander

Cloud Solution Architect, Software Engineering

Patrick Alexander is currently a principal cloud solution architect at Microsoft who specializes in RMDBS, NoSQL, Big Data, AI and BI Solutions and has over two decades experience delivering for large enterprise and startup customers. His experience includes technical leadership for data services, technical oversight for artificial intelligence and business intelligence projects, leading architecture reviews, and managing technical risks for business. Mr. Alexander is passionate about enabling organizational success through digital transformation. As a principal architect, he combines both technical vision and business insight for Value Engineering to articulate the true total value of each technical solution and achieve overall business success.

Mr. Alexander specializes in Microsoft Azure services, Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Cognitive Services, AI, DW, BI, Big Data, IoT analytics and Azure Machine Learning technologies. For past 10 years, Mr. Alexander has been helping customers with cloud migration and cloud development efforts.

Mr. Alexander has a Masters in Systems Information and Productivity and B.S. in Applied Physics – Solid Sates. He publishes cloud technology related articles, has multiple certifications for cloud services, and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He also has a private pilot certificate and has been a board member with the Aero Association of the California Institute of Technology Flying Club since 2012.