Photo of David Shostak

David Shostak

Systems Engineering, Aerospace Project Management

David Shostak is a world-class senior program manager with versatile and dynamic leadership team building, interpersonal, and team motivation skills. He has led every aspect of high technology programs, engineering, marketing management, business development, and system engineering programs. He has over 40 years of experience in many technical diversified fields. A developer of program plans, market strategy, analysis, marketing roadmap development, and documentation for product plans. He has presented to senior business executives, government officials, three-star generals, and customers. Mr. Shostak has focused on worldwide product launches, including interaction with European, Mideast, and Asian counterparts.

Mr. Shostak's career experience in aerospace was with Hughes Aircraft Company, Rockwell International, Interstate Electronics / L3 Communications. He has led Magellan, RF Micro Devices, Semtech, and Microsemi Corp, teams.

Mr. Shostak is one of the fathers of GPS for vehicle navigation. He led a team of people and drove handheld consumer products to market. He generated over $150 million first year and $350M in a second year with Magellan RoadMate GPS Telematic Vehicle Navigation Product, making Oprah Winfrey's Favorite Things List. Mr. Shostak led the team for the first one-meter dish antenna for Hughes Aircraft, which later became the Dish TV antenna.

Mr. Shostak has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for over fifteen years. He is a highly accomplished professional and has authority in public speaking. Mr. Shostak wrote a book called "Project Management in the Real World…Explaining all the nonsense about Project Management in Plain English." His book is about real-world Project Management, Leadership, and People Skills. He says, "dealing with a team of people is very hard, and knowing how to get the best out of them is even harder."

He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. and an MBA from Pepperdine University.